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Spring 2015 Scholars Forum: Speaker Highlights

The University Scholars Program is continuing our outstanding 35th year with more outstanding and renowned  speakers and performers. This semester, we're excited to feature:

  • Annie Griffiths: Annie is certainly one of the highlight speakers from the previous 35 years of the Scholars Forum. Annie is an award winning photographer and one of the first women photographers for National Geographic magazine. Her talents with a camera have enabled her to travel the world capturing amazing stories and in turn the imagination of millions of readers. She is also devoted to photographing for aid organizations as Executive Director of Ripple Effect Images. She’ll join us in Scholars Forum for a look back and stories of her adventures.

  • Roger Newman: Roger Newman’s biography of Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black won the Scribes Book Award and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. He edited two large works, the Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law, and a four-volume encyclopedia, The Constitution and Its Amendments. He has written more than 150 articles and reviews, and lectured extensively across the country. He has taught at Hofstra Law School, New York University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and is currently working on a book on the Supreme Court over the past forty years. He’ll be speaking to us about freedom and technology against the background of the US Constitution.

  • David Schmidtz: Dr. Schmidtz is currently Kendrick Professor at the University of Arizona. He is also the National Phi Beta Kappa Scholars in Philosophy for 2014-15. A prolific instructor and researcher in the fields of law, economics and philosophy. His writings cover diverse topics such as justice & liberty to ethics and government. He will be presenting a speech entitled “Society is Not a Race”.

  • Abe Drechsler & Brian Gaudio: Abe and Brian are NCSU alumni and recipients of the Turan and Linda Duda Traveling Fellowship. With this fellowship, Abe and Brian began the Within Formal Cities project which aims to explore and document housing and infrastructure projects in 5 South American cities. The duo hopes to spur dialogue and innovation in areas of the world that are experiencing rapid and radical urbanization. They will be sharing photographs from their travels as well as their findings about the impact of urbanization and communities in South America.

  • Pierce Freelon: A self-proclaimed “artivist” as well as professor and performer; Pierce is a man of many talents. Pierce is one part of a wonderful initiative known as the Beat Making Lab that began as part of course he co-taught at UNC. In partnership with nonprofits in various countries and with PBS camera crew in tow, the Beat Making Lab has crisscrossed the globe teaching people in communities all over how to create beats using a small portable music studio. Pierce will be sharing tales of his travels, the impact of the Beat Making Lab project, and demonstrating the process of beat making.

  • Fabien Cousteau: Mr. Cousteau is this year’s Harrelson Lecture speaker. A third generation explorer and filmmaker, Fabien Cousteau is committed to the protection and exploration of our vast marine environments. He has worked with many television networks to bring millions of people into the sea environments to which he is so deeply committed. He uses his experience and knowledge to develop public policy that takes into account the needs of the environment and the economies that utilize it as a resource.

For more information about Scholars Forum, click here.

Scholars Council Events Spring Semester

Each semester the Scholars Council prepares a range of events just for University Scholars students. This semester’s event planning retreat was January 9-11 at Oak Island, NC. The Council is currently working on several service, educational and social events that you’re sure to love. They are hoping to prepare and serve a meal at a local fire station for the dedicated firemen there. They are working on preparing a Cups of Culture event that would allow international students and students studying abroad to share their cultural experiences over coffee in an informal setting. They also have in mind an evening of ice skating and Mongolian cuisine with their “Fire & Ice” event. Make sure you stay tuned to the news and updates emails for more information on these and other exciting opportunities brought to you by the Scholars Council.

First Annual Alex Miller Outstanding Scholar Award Recipient
Congratulations to graduating senior, Alex Eubank '14, who was the inaugaral recipient of the Alex Miller Outstanding University Scholar Award.  Alex received this newly dedicated award at the 2014 Senior Dinner.  This award was named in honor of former USP Director, Alex Miller, who led the program for 28 years, from 1985 to 2013.  The award will be given annually to a graduating senior who best embodies the mission and spirit of the University Scholars Program, and who has exhibited a significant committment to the program and our students.

Alex Eubank was a phenomenal addition to the USP while at NC State.  He served on the Scholars Council throughout his time here, and was elected Chair his senior year.  He also worked for the program as both a Scholars Village Assistant and Undergraduate Teaching Assistant.  We're so grateful for his dedication and contributions both as a leader and a student. Congratulations Alex and best of luck in your future endeavors.