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Fall 2014 Scholars Forum: Speaker Highlights
Now in its the 35th year, the University Scholars Program continues to bring exceptional speakers, musicians and films to the Scholars Forum Series.  This semester, we're excited to feature:

  • Elliot Engel:  Perennial Forum favorite, Dr. Elliot Engel returns to the Scholars Forum for Fall 2014. Monday’s Forum will feature a light and enlightening look at history of the English Language and Tuesday’s Forum will focus on the bizarre and brilliant Brontes. Dr. Engel is an award winning teacher and a phenomenal lecturer whose talks are marked by enthusiasm, humor and insight.
  • Kyler England: USP alum Kyler England returns to the Scholars Forum to help us celebrate the USP's 35th anniversary. With a southern warmth and charm from growing up in North Carolina and a a natural instinct for melody and lyrics, Kyler crafts songs that are both catchy and deep. Her songs have been featured on Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Ghost Whisperer, One Tree Hill and many other television shows.
  • Damien Cave and Todd Heisler: This summer, New York Times Mexico City Bureau Chief Damien Cave joined staff photographer Todd Heisler set off on ambitious journey to chronicle the ways America is being impacted by immigration, one of the most contentious issues in our country.  They sought to see how the economic and social issues of immigration are playing out in individual lives by documenting the milestones and challenges of daily life as they travelled Interstate 35 from Texas to Minnesota.
  • Scott Ainslie: Scott Ainslie comes to the stage as a storyteller, historian, scholar and musician.  Armed with a lion-hearted voice and a passion for the music of the American South, he uses a guitar, a slide guitar, a gourd banjo, a diddley bow (one-string slide instrument) and a series of carefully chosen historical anecdotes to bring the African roots of American music out into the open.
  • Mark Moffett: From the top of the world's tallest tree. to unexplored caves, Mark Moffett has discovered new species and behavior while risking life and limb to find stories that make people fall in love with the unexpected in nature.
  • Lt. Col. Tim Nichols: Duke University Professor, Lt. Col. Tim Nichols, will discuss America's national security and counterterrorism efforts in response to ISIS and other terrorist organizations.  Professor Nichols served as an intelligence officer in the Marine Corps for over 21 years with extensive experience in the special operations and counterterrorism fields.
  • Jennifer Kuzma Dr. Jennifer Kuzma joined the faculty at NC State in 2013. Her work highlights the challenges and opportunities posed as emerging technologies, particularly genetic engineering, transform society.   She’ll ask us to consider a range of questions, including: What is the right balance for using emerging technologies with unknown consequences when they show promise but also may present irreversible harm?  What is driving their use now?  Who should make decisions about their use in the future, and what should those decisions be based upon?

For more information about Scholars Forum, click here.

Congratulations New Scholars Council Members!

Each fall, the Scholars Council holds elections for 10 of their 30 seats (20 members are elected in the spring of the preceding year).  These 10 spaces are purposefully held open to encourage new students to join Scholars Council each year.  Election to Scholars Council is a competitive, yet fun process.  We are excited to welcome our newest Scholars Council members who were selected on September 9th.  Together with the current members, they will serve the entire USP community for 2014-15.  Congratulations!

Allen Coates Matthew Coats
Drew Fleming Laura Hebard
Casey Hillenburg Alex Hsain
Kaleb Morrow Kelly Newman
Stephanie Roth Kelsey Shevlin

Summer 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium
The NC State Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on July 30, 2014 at the Talley Student Union.  This annual event is open to all undergraduate students that have worked with NC State mentors or are NC State undergraduate students.  Participants in formal and informal undergraduate research programs at NC State University are welcome to participate as well.   For more information, visit the the NC State Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium websiteThis link will open in a new window or view the 2014 Abstract BookThis link will open in a new window.

Congratulations to the following University Scholars who presented their research at this year's symposium:

Jennifer Antoniono Saif Hassan Stephanie Rikard
Sara Berry Rahma Hida James Turner
Jason Brannock Grant Hill Daniel Weikel
Rizwan Dard Jessica Kruh Mackenzie Williams
Marschall Furman Rebecca Law Michael Wolfe
Ayanna Glaize Gautam Nagaraj McCaide Wooten
Benjamin Hamm Ravyn Njagu Wanlin Zheng

First Annual Alex Miller Outstanding Scholar Award Recipient
Congratulations to graduating senior, Alex Eubank '14, who was the inaugaral recipient of the Alex Miller Outstanding University Scholar Award.  Alex received this newly dedicated award at the 2014 Senior Dinner.  This award was named in honor of former USP Director, Alex Miller, who led the program for 28 years, from 1985 to 2013.  The award will be given annually to a graduating senior who best embodies the mission and spirit of the University Scholars Program, and who has exhibited a significant committment to the program and our students.

Alex Eubank was a phenomenal addition to the USP while at NC State.  He served on the Scholars Council throughout his time here, and was elected Chair his senior year.  He also worked for the program as both a Scholars Village Assistant and Undergraduate Teaching Assistant.  We're so grateful for his dedication and contributions both as a leader and a student. Congratulations Alex and best of luck in your future endeavors.