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About Scholars
The University Scholars Program immediately connects its students to the campus and community by offering them:

  • The Scholars Forum which features lectures by prominent figures and performances by accomplished artists
  • A film series, a discussion series focused on current events, and a book club
  • Tickets to plays, concerts, international films, galleries, and special museum exhibitions on campus and in the surrounding community
  • Field trips to cultural sites that preserve our history and to research centers that are creating tomorrow’s knowledge 
  • Access to honors courses offered by academic departments across campus
  • Outdoor Explorations trips focused on personal development, outdoor education and service
  • Cultural Explorations trips to world arts and culture capitals. 
  • Discussions with USP alumni about graduate school and their careers paths
  • Early course registration privileges
  • A diverse, energetic and fun residential community in the Scholars Village in Sullivan Hall

These opportunities challenge University Scholars to develop as thinkers, citizens, and leaders and prepare them to achieve their personal and professional goals as they make their contributions to a democratic society.  Our students have responded to this challenge.  University Scholars are among the most active and accomplished students on campus.  In recent years University Scholars have been elected to serve as Student Body President, Senior Class President, and Student Senate President. They have participated in academic programs from Oxford to Ghana, and from Singapore to Peru. They have engaged in service projects from Sri Lanka to the Dominican Republic, and from the Hopi Nation to Guatemala. They have been recognized as valedictorians at commencement. They have been awarded national and international scholarships and fellowshipsThis link will open in a new window. Our graduates have excelled at the nation’s most prestigious graduate and professional schools and are now leaders in their professions. In short, they live Thomas Huxley’s maxim, “The great end of Life is not knowledge—but action.”

To read our latest Newsletter for Incoming Scholars, along with other USP documents, visit our Issuu library, the scholarsloungeThis link will open in a new window.