Advantages and Benefits

Advantages & Benefits 
Participation in the University Scholars Program provides students with a variety of benefits. University Scholars have the opportunity to attend a wealth of cultural events across campus and the Triangle for free as part of the Scholars Forum Series. When students in the program sign up to attend one of these events, tickets and transportation are provided. Our students also are able to register for Honors sections across the curriculum because of their participation in the program. They have early registration privileges which allow them to register a day before non-Scholars in their class level. Additionally, our students have the opportunity to sign up for Outdoor Explorations  trips, which take University Scholars out of the classroom to discover the natural world, as well as Cultural Explorationstrips to New York City and overseas.

First year University Scholars have the opportunity to join a vibrant and nurturing community, the Scholars Village, housed on floors 2-5 of Sullivan Residence Hall. Every village resident will participate in a Village In Action (VIA) group. Through the VIA program, village residents will take part in a series of specially-planned events that will allow them to interact closely with their fellow residents, an upper class Scholars Village Assistant (SVA), and a professional staff member. These events will also count towards their Scholars Forum events requirement.
These opportunities to travel, to hear the latest cutting edge news from the newsmakers themselves, to gain exposure to the ideas percolating throughout our society,—these opportunities provide University Scholars the very real and necessary benefit of becoming further connected to the world around them and becoming a well-rounded and involved citizen. But don't just take our word for it! Here is what some of our recent graduates said about the program (and Engineers, click hereThis link will open in a new window for more information just for you):

“Involvement in the USP was a great springboard into the rest of my involvement on campus.  It set the stage for me to be involved, active and motivated throughout my college career.”
Christopher Adkins, Mechanical Engineering, '12

“I can honestly say that being a member of the USP has been the single most rewarding part of my undergraduate experience at NC State.  I had an amazing time getting to know all the other Scholars in the past four years and have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime.  The USP encouraged me to develop not only my leadership and professional skills but also my self-confidence.”
Tonia Benoy, Civil Engineering, '11

“The University Scholars Program helped me adjust to college life at NC State during my first two years by helping me make friends, learn to become more outgoing through trips, and also build personal relationships with my professors through honors classes.  I think it is a great opportunity for potential new students and I would highly recommend it.”
Kara Dziwulski, Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, '11

“Being involved in the University Scholars Program encouraged me to become a more active, informed citizen of the world.  It gave me opportunities to try new experiences, delve into different cultures, explore global issues, and get outside of my comfort zone.  The events I participated in molded me into a well-rounded, service-oriented student with a renewed thirst for knowledge in all areas of life, from the arts to ways I can use my own career to serve others.”
Rebekah Jewell, Biological Sciences and Psychology, '12

“I was able to take honors classes and realized the benefits those classes had to offer, including smaller classes and challenging material.  The forums also acquainted me with regularly reading the newspaper; something I still do to stay current with global issues and issues that apply to my job.”
Katherine Kline, Business Management, '11

“My involvement definitely prepared me for an international career and supplemented my university study in so many ways.  Developing an active appreciation for the arts, being informed about current issues, and engaging with other intellectually driven students are some of the aspects I valued most about being a part of the Scholars Program.  Thank you!”
Erika Koerner, German and International Studies, '12

“Where do I start?!  Joining the Scholars Program was my best decision when coming to NCSU!  It gave me a great balance between Engineering and culture/art/literature/humanities…etc.  I met new people, traveled to new places, learned a ton, and made memories I will never forget.”
Mackenzie McBride, Civil Engineering, '11

“Being involved in the Scholars Program was that extra motivation to be different from all the other students.  I broadened my experiences with the alternate forum events and strengthened my academics with the honors options.  I am very grateful that I was exposed to this program because without it, I would not have been able to achieve my goal of going to law school.”
Evelyn Miller, Philosophy, '11

“Joining the University Scholars Program was one of the best decisions I made while at NC State!  It opened my eyes to so many different cultures by providing diverse cultural activities and events that were intellectually stimulating and fun.  While a member of this outstanding program I was able to participate in international and domestic travel.  I made numerous friends with students of different majors that without Scholars I many not have had the opportunity to meet.  Scholars definitely promoted my personal, intellectual and cultural development while being a student at NC State.”
Clair Wilson, Mathematics Education, '11

“The University Scholars Program really impacted me early in my undergraduate career because it opened my eyes to the different opportunities I could take advantage of, campus organizations, career options, networking methods and gave me a wonderful group of friends and classmates to build lifelong relationships with!  I’ve been able to travel to different cities, meet amazing people and influence others through the USP – and absolutely loved it!”
Samantha Smith, Biochemistry and Chemistry, '11