Housing Staff

“Living in the Scholars Village my freshman year was the best living situation I could have asked for.  It was great to be in a Village In Action group, and all the trips and experiences we had as a group were great.  I just really liked being surrounded by fellow Scholars in the Scholars Village, because everyone was unique and really easy to be friends with, and it truly made my freshman year wonderful.  As a Sophomore, I also worked as a Resident Advisor in the Scholars Village.  That was also a great experience because I had some of the best residents, and I still remain friends with at least a quarter of them. And in addition to having great residents, my fellow RA's in the Scholars Village and in Sullivan Hall overall were wonderful to work with.
Murphy Carroll '13, Textile Engineering, Scholars Village RA 2010-11

Scholars Village Professional Staff

Kala Bullett
Associate Director, West Campus Housing


Yulisa Lin
Assistant Director, Sullivan Hall


Katey Weilbrenner
Residence Director, Sullivan Hall


2013-2014 Scholars Village Resident Advisors (RAs):

Tanner Baxley: Biomedical Engineering: tjbaxley@ncsu.edu

Kalani Doyle: Political Science: kvdoyle@ncsu.edu

Ethan Fritch: Chemical Engineering: ejfritch@ncsu.edu

Ashe Simpson: Meteorology: ajsimps2@ncsu.edu

Katherine Speight: Food Science: kcspeigh@ncsu.edu

Hannah Taylor: Biological Sciences: hltaylor@ncsu.edu

Anneliese Vendel: Engineering: avendel@ncsu.edu