Fall 2016 and Later

Students who joined the University Scholars Program beginning in the Fall semester of 2016 must accomplish the following in order to successfully complete the program:

  • Complete 3 semesters of Scholars Forum, a zero-credit hour course, with a grade of Satisfactory. (This requirement should be completed in the first three semesters of being in the program and must be completed in the first four semesters of being in the program. Students who are unable to meet this requirement should contact Sean Cassidy at smcassid@ncsu.edu to request additional semesters to complete the Scholars Forum.) 
  • Complete a minimum of 3 high impact experiences drawn from a variety of opportunities, including but not limited to Cultural or Outdoor Exploration Program trips, internships, non-course based undergraduate research*, leadership, involvement in Arts NC State, significant service*, co-ops, and other experiences as approved by the staff of the USP. (Please complete the High Impact Non-Course Request Form to register your high impact experience.)
  • Successfully complete 12 hours of approved coursework with a grade of B- or better.
  • Maintain a grade point average of 3.25 for the duration of their time at NC State

After all three of these criteria are met, students are awarded a USP medal and receive a certificate at their departmental graduation and designation on their transcript.

For questions about program completion, please contact Sean Cassidy (smcassid@ncsu.edu), Director.

*In order for students to count a non-course based research or volunteer service experience for one of their high impact experiences, they must complete a minimum of 45 hours with the same project, organization, or lab over the course of an academic year.