Congratulations Fall 2017 Graduates!

The time has come for us to wish you well on the next step of your journey. As you look back on all you’ve accomplished in college, we hope you remember your time in the University Scholars Program fondly. As you look forward over the horizon, we hope you take with you all that you’ve learned through your experiences with us.
Best of luck in all your future endeavors!
~The Staff of the University Scholars Program

Jonas Bailey

Ryan Federico

Mattie Newman

Joseph Thacker

Natalie Beach

Sam Feldstein

Paul Robert Nolan III

Stephanie Yanyee Thi

Austyn Beci

Julie Franck

Haley Erin Olsen

Matthew Thompson

Moni Brians

Ryan Geary

Pritash Patel

Abimael Torres Rivera

Hannah Lee Broders

Kilwienny Gomes

Allyson Patterson

Lilly Vang

Dana B Christo

Kendall Harkey

Andrew Perryman

Jake Veilleux

Whitney Cole

Courtney Harper

Ashley Nicole Rabuck

Brodie Walton

Kendelle Cooper

Laura Hebard

Cassidy Ring

Taylor Wolford

Harlie Cope

Colin Hines

Merritt Sessions

Stephen Worley

Sarah Crump

Kevin Scott Kauffman

Madeline Evangeline Severance

Corey Zablud

Adam Cunningham

Christopher Kelly

Mattie Shuman

Emilie Mathura

Sabriya Dobbins

Leonard Kerr

Haleigh Spangler

Fatima Fatajo

Tara Khera

Joli M Stavish

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