In order to complete certain aspects of the University Scholars Program you will need to fill out a form and return it to the University Scholars Program office in 102 Sullivan Hall. Many of the most common forms used for program credit are listed below for your convenience.

Program Completion Form

Students must fill out this form in their final year of the University Scholars Program to verify that all the program requirements have been fulfilled. Contact Sarah Beth May ( for more information.

Study Abroad Credit Request

Students may use up to 6 hours of study abroad credit towards their 12 hours of required coursework for the University Scholars Program. In order to register those 6 hours this form must be completed along with a 4 – 6 page reflection paper and both must be returned to Sarah Beth May in the Scholars Office. (*Please note that if you completed a study abroad program prior to the Fall 2015 semester, you should complete this form instead and return it to Sarah Beth May).

Student Initiated Honors Contract

The Honors Contract process allows students to earn Honors course credit through contracts with faculty. The contract may be for work done independently by a student under faculty supervision or may be made between faculty members and teams of students working on a common project. Contracts for Honors Credit may be developed in advance by members of the faculty who agree to supervise Honors work (faculty-initiated) or may be proposed by students to members of the faculty in whose courses they are or plan to be enrolled (student-initiated). For more information and contract forms, visit USP Students should return their completed form to the Scholars Office (102 Sullivan Hall) before the deadline each semester.

Independent Study or Research Credit Request 

Students may request that an independent study course or independent research experience be counted toward their 12 hours of course requirements by completing this form the semester that the course is to be completed.

Request for High Impact Experience Credit

University Scholars must complete a total of three high impact experiences to successfully complete the program. This form is used to record these experiences. This completed form and the reflection paper must be submitted to the University Scholars Program Office (102 Sullivan Hall) at the end of the semester that you complete the experience.