Engagement Opportunities


The world is yours to explore!

In the University Scholars Program we encourage you to explore the world through a variety of high impact practices such as our Cultural and Outdoor Explorations Series which provide opportunities for travel and immersion during fall and spring break. Or if you’re interested in a longer term you might look into our Florence and Oxford Study abroad programs which give students in-depth exposure to other cultures. If service and leadership are more your calling, then we offer multiple opportunities for both over the course of your time as a student in the Wolfpack. Our Scholars Council allows students just like you to plan and facilitate wonderful educational, social and service opportunities for other University Scholars students.

No matter what your passions are, or if you’re interested in trying something completely new, the USP will help you launch into adventure and leadership!


Cultural Explorations

Cultural Explorations trips take students to the important arts and culture capitals of the US and Western Europe. These trips take place each fall and spring semester.

Outdoor Explorations

The University Scholars Program Outdoor Explorations (OE) are designed to expose students to a variety of environments, activities, and experiences in the outdoors. Outings in OE are vehicles for discovery, education, reflection, and adventure. Each

Summer Study Abroad

The 2020 summer study abroad programs have been canceled due to coronavirus.   The University Scholars Program highly values the study abroad experience. In fact, the program will count up to 6 hours of study

Scholars Council

The Scholars Council is a group of 30 students elected to represent the interests of all University Scholars. Each year the Scholars Council sponsors a wide variety of social, educational and service activities for University