Summer Study Abroad

The 2020 summer study abroad programs have been canceled due to coronavirus.


The University Scholars Program highly values the study abroad experience. In fact, the program will count up to 6 hours of study abroad credits toward a student’s 12 hours of approved coursework to complete the program. There are many amazing study abroad programs offered through the NC State Study Abroad office. We also highly encourage students to consider joining one of the two outstanding study abroad programs directed by the staff of the University Scholars Program; History and Italian Studies in Florence or British History and Shakespeare in Oxford. You can learn more about both of these programs at the links below.

Remember the deadline to apply is Feburary 15!

Florence Study Abroad

Florence is a city of ancient art and history in the heart of Tuscany. Follow this link to learn more about this wonderful opportunity to study in this classic city.

Oxford Study Abroad

Oxford is a city known around the world for its University and cultural scene. Follow this link to learn more about your opportunity to study and explore in this wonderful city.