Fall Break 2014: Raleigh X 3

Over Fall Break I went on this amazing trip with Scholars. It was called Raleigh x 3 and over 3 days we hiked 6 miles, canoed 10 miles, and then biked 20 miles all throughout Raleigh. It was a trip to see the amazing backyard in Raleigh and discover how Raleigh is just a city within a park. It began with hiking the Falls Lake Recreation Area. I didn’t know anyone on the trip, but that was soon corrected. The leaders had us do small talk with each other and I usually don’t like small talk, but I wanted to do this right since we were going to spend 3 days together. The scenery was beautiful and they had us turn off our electronics, other than cameras. We got away and just began to relax! Once we finished the hike and made it to our camp site we had an “on the road” dinner of burritos which was muy bueno.

Waking up was rough; the sleeping arrangements weren’t that great in a 3 person tent with 3 guys. That day was gorgeous, though, and the weather was great to boot. Canoeing, while hard, is a lot of fun, and you can just take in so much around you. Team work was a must today since we used two person canoes. We traveled down the Neuse River past bridges and embankments and saw so much wildlife. After getting out of the canoes, we were all exhausted and just wanted sleep.

We woke Saturday morning, ate breakfast and set off for 20 miles of biking down the walking path which follows the Neuse. It honestly didn’t feel like 20 miles though. It was over and done with before I knew what had happened, probably because I kept singing and looking at the insane amount of beauty and greenery I forgot existed in Raleigh. I hated that it all had to end. I got to meet a group of 14 incredible people who I was able to grow close with and might not have otherwise. Also, I finally got to get away from technology and the rush of the city which can be overwhelming at times.  I now have a new appreciation of nature and plan on taking my friends out into the wilderness and show them what Raleigh has to offer in its own backyard.

Check out our video from the trip!

Allen Coates
2014-15 University Scholars Assistant

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