Scholars Forum

To complete the Spring 2020 semester of Scholars Forum please follow these instructions.

The life of Mark Twain. The rise of the surveillance state. Aerial Dance. A history of African American music. The curious case of the disappearing bee. How Will became Shakespeare. Restoring the Mississippi River. Societal impacts of genetic engineering.

These topics have been included in the Scholars Forum, which provides opportunities for students to encounter and consider controversial issues, cutting edge technologies and a range of questions drawn from the arts, the sciences and politics. The Scholars Forum features musical and theatrical performances, addresses by major public figures, world-class scientists and renowned authors, conversations with faculty members, and debates and discussions of significant public policy issues. Scholars Forum guests have included Dr. Nizar Ibrahim, a National Geographic paleontologistRaleigh-based hip-hop supergroup Kooley High, author David Wallace-Wells, NASA astronaut and USP graduate Christina Hammock, environmentalist and CNN Hero of the Year Chad Pregracke, aerial performance group BANDALOOP, and Pulitzer Prize-winning science author Deborah Blum. 

Overview of the Scholars Forum Series

The Scholars Forum Series (USP 110/111) features presentations and discussions on issues of contemporary educational, social, and political significance, and a variety of performances by visiting guest artists. These sessions are often led by distinguished faculty members and nationally-known experts. Forums are designed to allow students to engage in active inquiry and critical considerations of topics under discussion.

In addition to the weekly Forum Series, students also have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of optional events, including discussions, films, musical and theatrical performances, and field trips.

Suggest a Scholars Forum Event

We love hearing from students, faculty and other campus partners about events happening on campus and in the Triangle that we should consider adding to the Scholars Forum schedule. We receive many requests each semester. There are four requirements to keep in mind when requesting an event be added to our schedule. Once you have reviewed these, there is a short form that must be completed.

  1. All events must be sponsored by a University college, academic or administrative department.
  2. We must receive all such requests via the form below no later than two weeks in advance of the proposed event.
  3. Events that do not have defined beginning/end times or are considered “floating” events may not be added to the USP Forum schedule. We are happy to notify our students of the opportunity, but we can no longer add these types of events to the Forum schedule. If you think your event may fall into this category, please contact Chester Brewer ( for more information.
  4. Beginning Fall 2018, we will limit the number of events on the Forum schedule to a maximum of 30 (thirty) events per week. For this reason, it is imperative that organizations that wish to have their events added to the Scholars Forum schedule meet the criteria listed above in a timely fashion.
  5. Event requests for the current semester are accepted up until 3 weeks prior to Reading Day.  Events following Reading Day will not be added to the Scholars Forum schedule.

If you think you have an event that fits this description, please complete this request form. If you have any questions, please contact Cliff Parker ( *The Staff of the USP reserves the right to deny an event being added to the schedule based on factors such as time, availability of staffing, etc.