Forum Attendance

Each Scholars Forum event is coded in the Gradebook to track attendance. Each event you attend is represented by a unique letter that is posted to your grade book once attendance has been recorded. Below are the instructions for tracking your attendance with the Forum Code List and the Gradebook.

1. Go to (in the fall) or (in the spring) to find the Grade Books for USP 111 -001 and -002.

2. Login to the Grade Book for your section using your unity ID and password.

3. Open this PDF. It lists all forum events and a code assigned to each event. The file includes a column that indicates whether the event has been entered into the Grade Book.

NOTE: Events are usually added to the Grade Book within 7 days of the date of the event.

4. Compare the codes listed for you in the Grade Book with the list of events and codes in the PDF to determine how many events you have attended.
NOTE: We do not use WolfWare to enter grades, so your grade will be listed as U in WolfWare no matter how many events you have attended. You will receive a Satisfactory in the course when we submit grades to Registration and Records as long you attend at least 12 events.