Scholars Village Overview


The University Scholars Program currently has a residential component in Sullivan Residence Hall on West Campus. We are excited to announce that beginning in the Fall of 2018, the Scholars Village will be located in the Quad on East Campus. The Quad includes Bagwell,¬†Becton, and Berry Halls. The Scholars Village will share space with the Honors Village in these buildings. The Scholars Village connects first-year students in a shared experience that helps build community and shape residents’ understanding of the USP.

The Scholars Village is currently located on Floors 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Sullivan Residence Hall and is open to first and second-year University Scholars. Each semester Scholars Village residents will participate in a Village In Action (VIA) group with other students living on the same floor of the Village. Through the VIA program, residents will take part in a series of specially-planned events that will allow them to interact closely with their peers, an upper-class University Scholars Assistant (USA), and a professional staff member. Additionally, the Resident Advisors (RAs) for the Village plan special programming that complements the University Scholars Program, promotes cultural exploration, and builds community.

Scholars Village Mission Statement:

The Scholars Village is a dynamic living and learning community that enhances the intellectual exploration and personal development of its residents.  The Village, a collaborative effort between the University Scholars Program and University Housing, offers students a wide range of educational and social opportunities that ease the transition to college life and help students make connections with their peers, NC State, and the world around them.

Scholars Village Residents will:

  • Create a community of culturally-connected, informed and engaged residents.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence.
  • Participate in a variety of cultural, service, outdoor, and social activities.
  • Engage in meaningful discussion about important contemporary issues.
  • Build personal connections through the interaction with Village residents and staff.
  • Explore campus and community resources.
  • Participate in an inclusive residential environment.
  • Be fully engaged in the University Scholars Program.

See what our residents are saying about life in the Scholars Village!

“Living in the Scholars Village introduced me to a group of people who shared similar interests, who I might not have met otherwise. It was incredible to be surrounded by like-minded people who shared the same passion for learning.” ~Valerie Nelson 2016


“Living in the Scholars Village my freshman year provided me with a great opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals — who see the value in academics, cultural exploration and having fun. In fact, four years later, my current roommate was one of my suite mates and VIA group members from my year in the Scholars Village.” ~Stephen Klingman 2016


“One of the best decisions I made was living in the Scholars Village my Freshman year. I was great to live with people who were just as dedicated to their school work and learning as I was, but who also loved to explore new opportunities through the program.” ~Lindsay Richardson 2016