Upcoming in Scholars Forum: Andrew Evans

Image courtesy National Geographic.

The University Scholars Program is proud to present National Geographic explorer, and author, Andrew Evans, in the Scholars Forum on Monday and Tuesday, September 10 and 11, 2018.

From Andrew’s website,  http://www.andrewevans.org/about/,

“Andrew Evans is an author, travel writer, and TV host.

Embracing all media, he shares his stories from around the globe online, on screen, and on paper. He is the founder and editor of Letters From Earth. His travel memoir The Black Penguin will be released in March 2017.

Born in Texas and raised in Ohio, an early exposure to the National Geographic World Atlas infected Andrew with chronic wanderlust from which he never fully recovered. He performed well in school spelling bees and filled notebooks with imaginary travelogues, but nearly failed math in the 5th Grade.

Luckily, his dreams came true: Andrew has completed over 40 assignments for National Geographic, reporting live from all seven continents and over one hundred countries, but who’s counting? He has broadcast from kayak, camelback, and helicopter—from atop arctic glaciers, the jungle, the middle of the ocean, and from inside King Tut’s tomb. He was the first person ever to live tweet his ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro and gained a worldwide following when he made his epic overland journey from National Geographic headquarters all the way to Antarctica, using public transportation.

Andrew has written for National Geographic Traveler, NatGeo.com, Afar, Outside, BBC Travel, Readers DigestThe Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, The Times (London), and too many ephemeral websites to mention. Google him if you want—but remember that this Andrew Evans is the writer, not the figure skater or evangelical preacher or the rugby player or the crazy guy on death row in Florida. This Andrew Evans is the normal one.

Andrew Evans holds degrees from Brigham Young and Oxford Universities. When not traveling, Andrew likes to swim, run, read, cook, and stare at maps. He lives in Washington, DC.”

Join us for a riveting talk about his adventures.

Scholars Forum: National Geographic speaker Andrew Evans

Witherspoon Campus Cinema

Monday, September 10 & Tuesday, September 11

3:00 PM

As a frequent contributor to National Geographic Traveler and its first Digital Nomad, Evans spent five years sharing his adventures online in real time via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.  To date, Evans has completed 30 assignments for the National Geographic Society, which have spanned all seven continents and five oceans. He has broadcast live from kayak, camelback, and helicopter, and from inside King Tut’s tomb. Evans was the first person ever to blog from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and gained a worldwide following when he made his epic overland journey from National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C., all the way to Antarctica, by bus—a 12,000­mile journey.  Andrew joins us to tell stories about these adventures–and more!–in Scholars Forum.

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